Dear Colleagues, We are indeed in difficult times. And I sincerely hope this email finds you and your loved ones well. So many countries have experienced huge health and financial difficulties it will be some time before our World returns to normal. When you consider that over 16,000 Aircraft are grounded and not in service, you can begin to imagine the enormity of the crisis. This Pandemic and its aftermath were simply never anticipated. And as the death toll continues to climb, it is obvious the lock downs will continue in many countries for some months yet. For Philately 2020 has been a disastrous year. Almost all major Exhibitions have bern cancelled.
The FIP Congress scheduled for Jakarta has been postponed to 10 November 2020, but even this is uncertain. To all of you and your members who have been adversely affected, my sincere commiserations. However, with every negative in life, there is a positive! In this time you can catch up on research; write up or re-write that exhibit; or even find that long lost stamp or cover you had forgotten about. This is a good time to email philatelic friends more often. Plus you can log into the many YouTube and Zoom presentations being offered by so many Societies. Will the Philatelic World ever be the same?
We will rebound and the Hobby will continue with renewed strength and vigor. Remember that the Trade are hurting too. No regular tamp shows or exhibitions and most shops used. Support your Dealers now, so the stock will be available in the good times ahead.
Stay safe and my Very Best Wishes for a better future.

Bernie Beston, President
Federation Internationale de Philatelie FIP