Philatelic expertizing Service at the Slovenian Philatelic Association
Established 2004.

FES issues opinions (certificates) on the genuineness of stamps and postal documents from the areas, covered by its experts.

FES has been since 2009 a collective member of the A.I.E.P. (Association Internationale des Experts en Philatélie) and works according to its regulations. Therefore, each certificate is signed by two experts as well as by the Head of the Service, thus reducing the possibility of mistakes.

Experts and their fields of expertise are as follows:

Bojan Bračič / (Republic of Slovenia since 1991)

Konrad Kajtna / (Pre-philately and Austro-Hungarian cancels from the Slovenian Territory)

Boštjan Petauer / (SHS Chainbreakers 1919-1921, Head of Service)

Bojan Kranjc / (SHS – Chainbreakers newspaper and postage due stamps)

Veselko Guštin / (Venezia Giulia 1918-1919, Zones A and B of the Free Territory of Trieste 1945-1954)

Saša France / (Yugoslavia 1945 -1991), (Occupation of Slovenia 1941-1945)

Igor Pirc / (Postal Stationery and its use on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia)

Aleš Marinšek / Provisional Yugoslav issues 1944-45 (Cetinje, Split, Senta, Mostar, Sarajevo, Zagreb / and local unofficial issues of the Independent State of Croatia /Medžimurje, Banja Luka, Šibenik I and II, Split/, Slovenija (Ljubljana, Maribor, Murska Sobota)

Everyone may send his/her postal material to be expertized. Certificates are issued within four weeks after payment. Price of each certificate is 25 euros plus return postage. Contact address is Head of Service, Mr. Boštjan Petauer (

What is and why FES

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